Paris Underground

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Paris Underground profile

Style: With a rock solid rhythm section, a forward-thinking and eclectic setlist and a triple guitar lineup, Paris Underground are a band with great potential to go far with their music.

Members: George (guitar) Cameron (vocals/bass), Charlie (vocals/guitar), Joe (guitar), Alfie (drums)

Band formed: September 2014 (worth mentioning Cameron and Alfie have been in bands together since September 2010 when they were both 8 years old).

Setlist: The Paris Underground set list includes:  ‘Hash Pipe’ by Weezer, ‘Helicopter’ by Bloc Party, ‘Hysteria’ by Muse, ‘Earthquake’ by Labrinth

Paris Underground live

Watch the band shaking the foundations of ‘Earthquake’; by Labrinth at the Allstars’ Green Room rehearsal space:


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