Caitlan King

Caitlan King, Original Allstars Music


Caitlan King profile

Style: A long-time member of the Allstars collective, Caitlan has been writing and performing music from the age of 8 and is now an accomplished and creative all-round musician who can cover many styles of music effortlessly with skill and soul.

Musically active in the Allstars since: December 2008 (aged 8)


Caitlin King music

  • Caitlan released the her original song‘Waiting For The Light’, in 2016. Hear it below.
  • Check Caitlan King posts for latest music releases



Caitlan King live performances

  • Caitlan has been performing live since 2008
  • Performed at one of the South’s major festivals, Wildlife 2015
  • Check Caitlan King posts for latest and upcoming performances


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