So what do young people aged 8 to 14 write songs about these days?

 Songs about life and songs about death. Songs about bullying, songs about understanding bullies, songs about boyfriends, girlfriends, bad friends and good friends. Songs about growing up and songs about grown ups. Songs about zebras on buses and about zombies getting crushed. Songs about anything and everything all written and played by the young musicians of Shoreham-by-Sea since December 2008 and all of them archived online for the world to hear.     

Since December 2008 Shoreham’s young musicians have been busy. In between playing 142 live events, they have written and recorded 89 original songs in a world-class studio. What makes this achievement even more impressive is that, due to time constraints, all songs are recorded live and with minimal overdubs and are written over just eight hours of session time.

The Original Allstars Archive contains songs by musicians with an average age of 13 that have, thanks to the value placed in their creativity, managed to make writing and playing music an integral part of not only their own lives, but also of their community. The archive celebrates this achievement and is the only historical document of its kind. Click below to hear more…



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